The Uniform Shop will be open as follows

  • Tuesdays 5.00pm - 6.30pm


Our uniforms are ordered and are manufactured by Blackchrome. It takes Blackchrome around 6 weeks to supply uniforms from our placement of the order.

New requests for uniforms will be managed from stock that the Club has purchased on a first come first served basis.

The Uniform Size Guide is available here for measurements and pictures of each item (it's also linked from the above form): http://wests.link/UniformSizes

the Uniform Shop will be open TBA



PRICE $ per each



Playing jersey


Training Shirt


Rookie & T Ball shirt


Cap (fitted Richardson)


Cap (adjustable)


Club polo shirt


Supporter cap (white - adjustable)


Club Hoodie


White pants (string pull on – for Juniors)


White pants (belt – for Seniors)


Navy belt – Youth and Adult


Uniform details

Items of uniform available from the Club

  • Playing Jersey

  • Training shirt

  • Tee Ball & Rookie ball Shirt

  • Club hat

  • Club polo shirt

  • Club Hoodie

White baseball pants and other apparel and accessories need to be purchased from a baseball store

Club playing jersey

Club hoodie

Club training shirt

Club polo shirt

Club Teeball and Rookieball shirt

Club hat